Features of hearing aids

Hearing Aids have features to suit everyone

The technology available in hearing aids varies, but can include:

  • Automatic adaptive directional microphones that adapt their focus to provide the clearest speech possible
  • Binaural processing where the hearing aids in each ear communicate wirelessly to adjust volume or program.  In some hearing aids, such as the Siemens Binax, the wireless communication between ears is used to improve the directionality of the hearing aids, resulting in clearer speech understanding in noise.  Ace_micon_SilverThe Siemens Binax hearing aids are the only hearing aids that have been found to provide better speech in noise understanding than achieved by a normal hearer.



  • Wireless technology so that sound from devices such as easyTekApp_Splashyour mobile phone or television is transmitted directly to your hearing aids. So, you don’t need to hold a mobile phone to your hearing aid to answer calls, and you can adjust the volume of the TV for you, without turning it up for everyone else.


  • Trainability: you can adjust the bass and treble and volume of your hearing aids in different environments so that your hearing aids learn you preferred settings for different environments, such as for music or listening at a meeting.
  • Adjustments using an app on your smart phone: adjust the volume of your devices discreetly using an app on your phone. No need to carry an extra remote control or keep putting your hands to your ears
  • Water proof: As anyone who has worn hearing aids will tell you, moisture can be very damaging to a hearing aid. The good news is that there are now lots of hearing aids available that are splash proof, or moisture resistant. Aquaris_micon_SandHowever, there is only one hearing aid on the market that is truly waterproof and sand proof, that is the Siemens Aquaris hearing aid. This hearing can be worn swimming and whenever you are out and about on the water  or in the sand. A device that is likely to fit well in a typical Northern Beaches lifestyle.

The range of hearing aids available on the market is immense, with features to suit everyone. Make an appointment with our audiologist to discuss what are the best devices for you.