Introducing the Tiny Discreet Rechargeable Signia Silk Charge&Go IX Hearing Aid

Signia has recently released the first rechargeable In the Canal Hearing Aid: the Silk Charge and Go IX. This tiny device has superior performance in noise and comes with a portable charging case.

Charge on the Go and Hear All Day

Forget small fiddley batteries that need to be changed every week! With the Silk Charge&Go IX, you just pop the devices in the charger overnight and they’ll have enough charge to get you through the whole next day. Not near power? That’s ok: the charger itself holds 3 days of charge without being connected to power. It comes with a USB cable, so can also be charged in your car or from your laptop.

Discreet and Ready to Wear Without the Wait

This tiny device can fit right inside your ear canal so it is not visible to others. Unlike other In the Canal devices, these hearing aids can be fitted at your first appointment, thanks to soft-silicone sleeves that simply click onto the tip to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Superior Performance in Noise

With Signia’s unique Xperience technology and One Mic Directionality, the Silk IX is able to focus on speech from the front, reducing background noise.

You can adjust the volume and settings discreetly using the Signia App, and have tailored programs for music, wind noise reduction, or whatever needs you have.

3 Technology Levels to Meet your Budget

Prices vary from $2048 upwards, with 3 different technology levels. These devices are also available on the Hearing Services Program for pensioners.

Try Before You Buy

Pittwater Hearing is happy to provide you with an obligation-free trial of the Silk Charge&Go IX. Make an appointment with one of our highly experienced, Independent Audiologists, obtain an up to date assessment of your hearing, and advice on the best technology level to meet your needs.