New Hearing Clinic for Avalon

I’m really excited to be announcing the opening of Avalon’s first Audiology clinic.  I know that there is a large need for hearing services in my local community, and I am excited to be sharing my skills and knowledge with you.

I have worked as an audiologist for 17 years, as a clinician providing services to children, adults and indigenous communities, and in research, developing new tools that audiologists can use to help hearing impaired people.  I am passionate about helping hearing impaired people to get the most out of life, by minimizing the impact of their hearing loss on daily communication.

Unlike a lot of clinics, Pittwater Hearing will provide a comprehensive range of Audiological Services.  Not just hearing aids, but full diagnostic hearing assessments for adults and children from 8 months upwards, and advice on other hearing solutions such as cochlear implants.

Over 17 years, I have seen vast improvements in the technology available to help hearing impaired people.  Hearing aids are now tiny, highly sophisticated devices that are barely visible.  Cochlear implants are now a standard device for improving the hearing of severely hearing impaired people.

However, devices are only part of the answer to helping a hearing impaired person.  As an audiologist, my job is to gain an understanding of your lifestyle and listening goals, and develop a rehabilitation program to assist you in achieving these goals.  That’s why my services are a whole lot more than just providing devices.  It’s an ongoing program to ensure that your listening goals are met and continue to be met over your lifetime.

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