Styletto Is Here!

We are excited to be able to offer Signia’s newest and arguably most attractive hearing aid yet, the Styletto.

The Styletto is an ultra thin, rechargeable receiver in the canal aid suitable for a wide range of hearing losses. You can charge their aids on the go via a portable mini charging case meaning they can have up to 4 days of use without having to plug the charger back into power.  Take your devices on holidays, take them camping!


  • Slim stylish design suitable for most hearing losses
  • Portable recharging case allowing up to 4 days of use
  • 30 minutes of charging gives you 8 hrs of battery life!
  • Fully charged in only 3 hours
  • Control your volume via app or mini Pocket remote control
  • Fully automatic aids adaptable to a wide range of listening environments
  • Available in 3 technology levels with prices starting from $3799 for a pair including the charger

Contact us to make an appointment to discuss whether the Styletto might be right for you.