5 Reasons to Choose Pittwater Hearing When Choosing Hearing Aids

If you think that Hearing Aid providers only differ on price, think again.  Here are 5 reasons why you will be better off choosing Pittwater Hearing for your hearing care:

  1. Obligation Free Hearing Aid Trials: You wouldn’t purchase a car before taking it for a test drive, and you shouldn’t be expected to do so with hearing aids.  They are a big purchase, so time should be taken to ensure that the chosen device is right for you.  Do you really need the most expensive level of technology?  Will the low or mid-range technology serve your purposes perfectly well?  Without trying the hearing aids, no one can be sure of the answer.  At Pittwater Hearing, we encourage our clients to trial a device for at least 3 days before making their final decision.  If you wish to swap brands or technology levels or extend the trial periods, we are more than happy to arrange this.
  2. Independent Advice:  Pittwater Hearing is a completely independent clinic, providing hearing aids from a wide range of manufacturers.  Our prices are set so that there is no advantage to our clinic for recommending one brand over another.  Our Audiologists are not paid on commission, so there is no financial inducement to recommending you purchase a more expensive level of technology than what you really need to meet your hearing goals.  If another device is more appropriate such as a Cochlear Implant we are able to determine this, and provide these services also.
  3. Client Centred Care:  We believe in listening to our clients, and following their lead.  We will take time to find out exactly what help you are looking for.  Hearing aids are not always the answer, and we can offer a range of alternatives.  We will determine if a hearing aid is likely to meet your needs and advise you accordingly.  We know that there is no point pushing people to wear hearing aids before they are ready. Hearing aids will only be successful when you are ready to wear them for at least 4 hours per day.
  4. Ongoing High Quality Care: Hearing Aids will require ongoing fine tuning in order to ensure that you are hearing at your best at all times. We encourage our clients to come back as often as needed. Our Audiologists can also provide you with strategies to help you get the most out of your hearing.  Appointments are available from Monday -Saturday.  We will notify you when your warranty period is about to expire so that you can have your hearing aids serviced at no extra charge.  There is also hearing aid insurance for the first 12 months should you happen to lose one.
  5. Fine Tuning Via Apps: We provide a range of hearing aids that can be adjusted for volume, and bass/treble by you using an app on your phone.  However, if more detailed fine tuning is required, we can send an adjustment to you.  And with the new Signia Nx range, it is now possible for us to conduct an appointment with you without you coming into the clinic.  We can communicate with you and do a full range of hearing aid adjustments via an app while you are on holidays, or without you leaving the comfort of your own home.