Latest Technology in Hearing Aids

Pittwater Hearing provides all the latest technology and a large range of devices to suit all budgets and lifestyles. They vary in price according to the sophistication of the device and how well it can adapt to the you are in, and adapt to reduce background noise.  Here’s a little bit about the latest devices to be released:

Signia Silk Charge&Go IX

The Smallest rechargeable hearing aid on the market, with superior performance in noise. Discreet and charge on the go. Can be fitted at your first appointment.  Read more here

Styletto AX: Superior Style and Performance

Convenient blue tooth streaming of phone calls and music, with the added benefit of improving your hearing in noisy situations. Compatible with Android and iPhone.  Looking more stylish than your average hearing aid, this is the hearing solution for the next generation.  Read more here

Phonak Lumity Hearing Aids

Phonak has just launched their newest platform of hearing aids, Lumity. With Bluetooth direct connection to both Android and iPhone and the ability to talk hands free using the hearing aid microphone to send your voice to the listener, these aids have a range of features that will appeal to those clients looking for flexibility ease of use. They also offer rechargeable models for those who don’t like the hassle of managing batteries. Click here for more information.

Signia Insio Nx: In The Ear Aids With Bluetooth

Signia recently added to the Nx range,  In the Ear style hearing aids.  These devices offer the benefits of Bluetooth connectivity that were previously only available in their behind the ear aids. In addition they have Beamforming Directional Microphones in the 3Nx, 5Nx and 7Nx, making them the best value mid-range hearing aids on the market.  The Insio Nx range are a great option for those who wear In the Ear style hearing aids but still want to option of direct connection with their mobile phone and superior performance in noise. Click here for more information

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